Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Reportage inspired drawing

After drawing on location I have made this composition using photoshop, but mainly my imagination which I fed with the small reportage of the street. This was beneficent for my practice, drawing from imagination is something I struggle with. This small reportage has fed my creativity for this piece of work, I will take this way of working further.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Winton High Street

These drawings are made on the spot in a small concertina book. Working on a smaller scale has allowed me to draw the environment as well as the people in the street, this was an advice from Salvatore Rubbino during a workshop. This reportage has inspired me for a small narrative I'm working on.


Workshop outcome from the story of 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.

After a workshop with Salvatore Rubbino, I got many ideas for this project and further. I'm now trying to work more with imagination which I fuel with my reportages. I try to keep my narrative simple, as I don't find it easy to work in this way.

Handmade pots

I have been trying different ways to present my work. Here are some pots entirely handmade as well as hand painted.

Reportage - The Winchester Pub

Here are pictures of the concertina book of the Cabaret Voltaire night at the Winchester Pub. These drawings are made on the spot.